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I nearly left it too late... Please don't make the same mistake!

We've all heard of the mechanic's car and the painter's house right?  Well, photographers are no exception.  We leave our own 'tlll last too.  And I nearly left it too late...

Before I knew it my little girl had grown up and was leaving home and the last family portrait we had didn't have her little brother in the picture!  As you can see he was a late addition, but still, I couldn't believe how fast time had flown!

I'd been meaning to get around to it for ages of course but...


So, on Boxing Day, (yes I know, we can all think of better things to be doing on Boxing Day) with only a few short weeks before she was due to leave home and go make her mark on the world, we bundled into the car and headed for some locations I had had in mind for a while.thumb_t061226-173


And we had a blast!  We got some great shots that really captured how we are as a family.  Those special bonds and little things that we love to see in each other, which of course is what a family portrait is all about.

Now the Family Portrait hangs in pride of place in the dining room and the individuals line the hall and a few other special ones sit in special places round the house. thumb_t061226-178_bwthumb_t061226-175_bw

 People are always commenting on them.  They really make the place feel more like a home and say a little bit about us to all who visit.  And as a bonus they've made great gifts to the rest of the family. 


But more importantly they hang in pride of place in my daughter's flat and she still feels like she's got a connection with home now that she's miles away.

So don't leave it 'till it's too late.  Don't put it off another day!


thumb_t061226-032 thumb_t061226-052

I'm so aware of how important it is that I've arranged a very special offer just for you.  It's easy and it's a lot more fun than you might think.

All you have to do is call us here at The Photographers and make a time for your no obligation Family Portrait consultation and we'll put you in the draw for a Mystery Weekend for two in the South Island!

Plus, we've got some great deals on our family portraits right now so call now... you know you've been meaning to for ages... while the family is still together - before you know it they'll have left and you won't get another chance.

I look forward to getting together soon and creating some very special portraits with your very special family.


Tony Speakman
Professional Photographer and Managing Director


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